Sami Clements is an emergency manager and designer. She was born and raised on the Delmarva Peninsula; got her B.A in History and Political Science from Susquehanna University and her M.A in International Affairs from The New School. 

As she began to navigate the idea of urban and rural space, community, and emergencies / crisis she worked with the New York Emergency Management Department’s Human Services unit as the Disability, Access and Functional needs intern. While with the department she studied the ADA and its intersection with emergency management, and wrote guidance for city workers assisting those with DAFN concerns in city shelters. 

Sami also served with AmeriCorps VISTA for a year with SERVE Philadelphia in the Philadelphia’s Office of Emergency Management. While at Phila OEM she organized the Emergency Practices and Inclusion Conference (aka EPIC,) which explored various aspects of accessibility and community-based planning through panels and presentations conducted by a diverse cadre of people in and outside of the public safety field. 

She is currently a freelance consultant and Creative Director for Sheepberry.  


ps: Her personal fictional heroes are Kat Sandoval, Leslie Knope, Sloan Sabbith, Jen Barkley, and Amy Gardner

pps: She wouldn’t mind a crack at running Damage Control

ppps: She tweets as Ms_SamiClements.